KF Team

Diane Arthur

Diane Arthur, Ghanaian-American raised in Michigan, graduated from Northwestern University (’17) from the School of Education and Social Policy. While there, she served in leadership in African Students Association, worked at the campus art studio, co-led the Buffett Institute for Global Studies Fellowship Advisory Board and served as a Peer Advisor. Her time off-campus included an international development internship in Udaipur, India. Diane then spent one academic year studying at the University of Ghana. Upon her return to Northwestern, she interned for Upwardly Global, where she began to develop an interest in talent development as she mentored newly arrived immigrants and refugees towards professional success in the US.  After working as a Change Management Consultant at IT consulting firm Capgemini, she went on to work as College Relations Manager for IES Abroad, where she guided US universities in developing and expanding their international internship programs.

As a result of her personal, academic and professional experiences, Diane is focused on thinking innovatively about the challenges facing higher education and workforce development in Africa. She is pleased to join Kucetekela Foundation in these efforts by serving as Programs Coordinator, supporting students and KF programs to nurture Zambian talent.