KF Team

Vincent Mwafulirwa

Vincent Mwafulirwa is the current intern of KF. He graduated secondary school from Chalo Trust School in November of 2018. When he was in school he loved participating in sports such as soccer, basketball and high jump. Vincent was also the Library and Media Prefect, which has developed his zeal for reading and research.

In Grade 10, he participated in the Yale Young African Scholars Program in Ghana. This program equips scholars with the knowledge and skills to solve various environmental, social, political, and economic problems in Africa. Subsequently, In Grade 11 he was selected for the Yale Young Global Scholars Program at Yale University in the United States of America. He participated in the Biomedical and Biology program, which broadly inspired his interest in biology. He particularly enjoyed the engineering courses, which has led him to want to pursue a career in biotechnology. Additionally, Vincent attended the United World College short course in Zambia, where he learned more about culture, identity, and university applications. He believes that identity enlightenment can bring about liberation and inner peace. Vincent: most people do not know their identity, and so it becomes hard for them to know what they can do, and what they are entitled to.

Since conducting a community service project at Seko village, where he tutored Grade 7 students in Mathematics and Science, he developed a passion for teaching and education. Thus, as part of his internship at KF, he has created the Technique, Accuracy, Knowledge, and Efficiency (TAKE) program, which aims to improve high school students’ literacy and arithmetic skills. He has begun this program with the students at Chalo Trust School and Pestalozzi Education Centre, and is very excited about it.