Kucetekela foundation has been able to reconnect its alumni from the year 2011-2019. Kf has formed an alumni whatsapp group where are our alumni have been to interact and form relationships .With the formation of this group came about the form of different committees  such as;

      • Publicity and Marketing: Showcase the work of KF and the association through blogs, social media articles on experiences and impact of KF on young people…
      • Exchange Program: Utilize international networks to encourage individuals to volunteer for KF.
      • Academic Mentorship: Prepare gap year students for various examinations, university admission interviews, review university applications and essays, etc. This will include provision of support to KF students for instance tutoring.
      • Events Coordination: Plan for and coordinate KF and association events including annual commemorations and anniversaries.
      • Entrepreneurship: Exploration of entrepreneurial ventures for the association and its members.
      • Tech Projects: Explore projects that focus on impact and value. These will include development of tech products such as an alumni website for sharing of opportunities,  improving KF web design, apps, as well as e-learning platforms.
      • Emergency Projects:This a group where projects come up due to the current situation or competition which are alumni are involved in.

    • Under the emergency project we currently have the Covid-19 project which is been led by our kf alumni of  2013 Mailess Phiri who is a Berkeley University in the USA.