A Day Spent with Kucetekela Foundation Students

This essay is based on how I spent my day with the Kucetekela Foundation sponsored students on the 2nd January 2009.

On this day, the Director and other members of KF staff picked us up from our previous schools and we were taken to Fountain of Hope, a home for street children. At Fountain Hope, I met a boy named Fred Zulu who is 15 years old and he is doing Grade 2. Before I met him, we were taken around the classrooms and dorms by the Coordinator of Fountain of Hope, Mr. Vasco. After showing us the classes and dormitories, we were shown the kitchen and dining hall. The cooks told us the timetable for the meals. We were told that street children eat three meals a day and these are breakfast, lunch and supper. Then we went and found Mr. Osband who works in the clinic. He explained to us that when children are sick were brought but when they are very sick, they are taken to Kamwala clinic. They also have tanks where they keep food. After this we were taken to the art room where we saw sketches and paintings done by the street children.

Mr. Vasco then took us to the library, which is the reading room. When we went to the library, Mr. Vasco gave instructions on how to use the library. One of them was that before using the library, one must wash their hands. He said the library and the art room together are called “Lubuto” which means Light. The other rule for the library was that you have to put the books after reading in the basket in order to make it easier for the librarians to put them back on the shelves. There are different levels of books in the library so that, even those who do not know how to read can be able to look at pictures. I learnt from that library that Thomas Edison is the one who invented the light bulb. We were told that people can also be enemies of books. Water, dirt, the sun and insects are also among the enemies of books. After the art room, we played basketball against the street kids and they beat us, because most of us in KF are soccer and not basketball players.

After playing basketball, we went for lunch at Arabian Nights Restaurant at Arcades. I really enjoyed my lunch. We had a lot of fun while having lunch and Dennis was taking a lot of photos. After lunch, we went to watch a movie entitled “Madagascar 2 Africa.”

We were told to identify a project in the community to work on. I am really trying my best to do. I think identifying a project is a good idea because it helps us in providing services to the community to those people who are in need and also that when I complete my education, it will be easy for me to identify projects in my community where my efforts can be directed.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Kucetekela Foundation for making this day for us and I really appreciate it. What I enjoyed most was playing basketball even though we lost. Now that I know how to look after my books, I would like to apologize to KF for having lost the Grade 8 Science book and also an atlas. I am looking forward to having my results, as I would like to be called a senior and not a junior at school.

Abram Chima