Florence Nkowane Lutale

The “Most Dynamic Teacher”: the name of an award given by the students of a particular graduating class that most succinctly and accurately summarises Mrs. Florence Nkowane. A teacher by profession, but a polymath in her works, Mrs. Nkowane is a Ugandan national who lives in Zambia and travels the world. Her passion lies in working with the youth, and this has led her to be involved in projects and works as diverse as teaching, theatre, diplomacy, social work, pageant, sports and church activities.

Mrs. Nkowane began her formal education in Uganda and Kenya, and completed it by obtaining a B.A. in Education from the University of Zambia. A teacher of Social Studies in general, and History in particular, she has had over 22 years of experience, having taught in some of the most academically excellent schools in Zambia. Mrs. Nkowane has been Head of Department several times, and was a Grade 9 examiner for the National Educational Council of Zambia. For the past 17 years, she has been teaching IGCSE and IB History and Business Studies at the International School of Lusaka.

Formal education activities aside, Mrs. Nkowane has been involved in almost all aspects of school and student life. This has included, amongst many other responsibilities, being a member of the school’s Board of Governors Marketing Committee, Supervisor of Student and IB Councils, co-ordinator of the school’s ‘Tuck Shop’, Model United Nations and Model International Court of Justice founder and co-ordinator in Zambia, and organiser and head of several community service programmes. These last two deserve special mention.

Apart for Model United Nations, Mrs. Nkowane has also led projects in community service that have earned her, the school, and her students international awards. Mrs. Nkowane has been in charge of the International School’s Community Service and IB CAS programme, and has headed dozens of social service initiatives, most of which involve educational service to underprivileged youth. It is one such project, the building of part of the MAPODE Street Kids Centre that won her school the IB Blackburn CAS award of 1999-- an award competed for by schools from many different parts of the world. And it is this dynamism and passion for working with the youth that prompted, another vibrant youth, Tamweka Sichinga to recommend Mrs. Nkowane to Mr. Oliver Barry to be a co-founder of the Kucetekela Foundation in Zambia. She was honored to be invited to work with such a dynamic young American with great ideas.Mrs. Nkowane enjoys drama, listening to music and playing chess in her free time, and is deeply involved with her Church in many activities (but in which too youth and service find a prominence).