Lakeville Comes to Lusaka, Again!

Hotchkiss students and faculty members visit Zambia

In July 2008, a group of Hotchkiss students and faculty members visited the KF program in Lusaka and left a lasting impact on our program and students. This July, the Hotchkiss group came back again, much to the delight of the KF students!

This year, 9 students and 2 faculty members came to Lusaka to meet our students, help teach classes at our partner schools, and work together with the KF students on a community service project. The community service project involved building a garden for one of our partner schools, used both to sustain the school as well as generate income.
Below is a story written by a KF volunteer, Sam Nkowane, about the experience of the Hotchkiss and KF students this July.

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