A KF Outing

On Wednesday morning I received a message from my uncle saying that I should go to Northmead Basic School on Friday morning in my sports attire around seven thirty. And so on Friday morning I prepared myself and went to Northmead Basic School. I did not find any KF students there, but after some time Merylin came and found me there. Merylin and I started chatting, talking about how school has been and how we spent our holidays until the bus arrived, and then we went into the bus and greeted the people we found there. From Northmead Basic School the bus went to collect other KF students. After collecting the students the bus went to Fountain of Hope where we found Edna, Edna and Dennis.

There at Fountain of Hope we did a lot of activities. Fountain of Hope is a street kidsí centre. It is a project designed to help street kids. The first thing we did when we reached Fountain of Hope was to tour around the centre. Vasco, one of the people who works there took us around and explained everything that goes on there. We just went to the grade six and seven classrooms, then we went to see the dormitories. The first one had only bunk-beds in it, but the second one had a television set in it and it is said to be the main dormitory and also the entertainment room. Vasco also told us that the kids have entertainment every Saturday.

Away from the dormitories, we went to the kitchen where we found two women cooking. These women are the ones who take care of the food needs of the street kids. Vasco also told us that the kids eat three meals in a day. From there we went to the dining room where the kids have their meals.

From the dining room we went to the clinic, that is where the sick kids are treated and medicine is given. Vasco also showed us the counselling room and his room that he lives in. And then he showed us the store room which happened to be the old library. Then from there we went to the art room and after seeing the art room we went to the library.

The next thing we did after the tour around Fountain of Hope was that we received instructions in library skills. Vasco taught us how to find books in the library. He taught us that there were three levels in the library. Level one was meant for beginners, those learning how to read. Level two was for grades five, six, and sevens. Level three was where novels could be found and the other level was for fairy tales. He also taught us where we can find scientific things like, dinosaurs, and reptiles and so on. Then the next level was where we find things about people like biographies, religion art and so on. And the last is where we find places and maps of the world. After showing you how to find books, Vasco taught us how to be book friendly. He taught us that books have enemies and of some of these enemies are people, moisture, dirt, water, insects and the rays of the sun, which can damage the books. He told us that we can be friendly to books by covering them, keeping them away from the sun and water and washing our hands before handling any book. And when we had finished we played a game and the game was all about finding books. Then we were divided into four groups and he told us to choose a leader who would read the book to the group and after reading it to the group, the group was supposed to know the author of the book, the contents of the book and what it is all about. After every one was done, every leader from each group went to the centre and talked about the book. Unfortunately we did not have time to teach the street children.

After this activity we heard talks from deferent people. We had talks from a couple which came from the United Kingdom, to be specific England and a talk from a student at the University of Zambia. These talks had an impact on me, especially on my career. They encouraged me to work even harder. After the talks were over we went to the art room where we were taught artistic skills. We also did some art. At first I had a problem with sketching but I was glad to find a special friend who helped me. And when we had finished we went outside and others started playing basketball. I was surprised to see that the kids at Fountain of Hope played even better than the KF students.

After playing basketball, we went to Arabian Nights Restaurant at Arcades. We had our lunch there and I really enjoyed the meal that I had. After lunch we went to watch a movie, and the title of the movie was Madagascar Escape 2 Africa. It was really fun. Finally, we went into the bus. Before starting off Mrs Nkowane talked to us, and after that the bus started taking the KF students to their homes. I was one of last the last people to be dropped. Though I arrived home pretty late, I really enjoyed the outing.

And of course I should not forget the Kucetekela members for spending their quality time with us. I also want to thank the Kucetekela Foundation for everything they are doing for me. I am really grateful.

Bwalya Kasanda