KF Program - Recent Updates

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KF Hosts 2009 Returning Students Event

KF Hosts 2009 New Students Orientation

KF Hosts Workshop for 9th Grade Students

KF Hosts Luncheon for the 2008 Scholarship Recipients

KF Program Overview

The Kucetekela Foundation is a non-profit, U.S. based, foundation that provides scholarships to young Zambians to attend high quality secondary schools from Grade 8 through Grade 12. The foundation identifies Zambian students that demonstrate great academic promise, but do not have the financial means to obtain a secondary education, much less a secondary education of the highest quality available. The youths are identified from elementary schools and are evaluated based on standardized test scores, recommendations from teachers, and the financial situation of their family. This educational opportunity hopes to open the doors of success and achievement for these young Zambians.

The scholarship that each selected student receives covers more than just tuition fees. KF is committed to providing each student with all resources necessary to succeed. Therefore, the scholarship also cover:

KF established a mentor system for the young Zambian scholarship students. Each student has a “mentor”. The mentor is a Zambian, or Zambian resident, that is willing to donate his/her time to the student and Kucetekela through periodic correspondence and face-to-face meetings with the student. KF identified and selected the mentors by their ability to be a positive, successful role model for KF students and their commitment to the program. The student-mentor meetings provide the KF student any needed guidance, support, and other resources through their secondary education. Additionally, KF helps to organize periodic meetings and events for all students and mentors in order to cultivate camaraderie and personal relationships between all mentors and students alike.

Work Experience

A special and unique element of KF's program is that internships are provided for all students twice during their secondary school education. The following is a growing list of those impressive organizations, companies and institutions who have partnered with KF to offer valuable work experience to the KF students:

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The World Bank

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UTH Cancer Clinic

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Legal Aid Council

Multi Choice

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Worldwide Fund of Nature

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King Pharmaceuticals

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Showgounds Vet Clinic