KF Students

The academic year in Zambia starts in January and ends in December, consisting of three academic terms. Secondary school starts in Grade 8 and is completed after Grade 12. All KF students are selected to start in Grade 8. The KF scholarship program is a commitment of five years, both from KF and the student, in order to support the full graduation of the selected students.

KF continues to grow and currently sponsors 27 students (17 female, 10 male) across its two partner schools, PestalozziWorld and Chalo Trust School.

Please read the following essays written by current KF scholars about their experiences at the returning student event:
Merylin Vallabh
Abram Chima
Dennis Kayebeta
Edna Phiri
Gaella Kabeya

To read a student profiles, please click on the links below:

Grade 12 Student Profiles
Pestalozzi Chalo Trust
Kate Mhango Mayless Phiri
Martinho De Silva Tembo Ngosa Besa
Joseph Chonza
Edson Tembo

Grade 11 Student Profiles
Pestalozzi Chalo Trust
Grace Jere Barbara Kifokolo
Rosa Dabulu Vivian Lihonde
Margaret Ngoma

Grade 10 Student Profiles
Pestalozzi Chalo Trust
Titani Sumaisi
Martina Mbulo
Armand Yambisa
Nathan Musweu
Tony Chisenga

Grade 9 Student Profiles
Pestalozzi Chalo Trust
Karen Zulu Jessy Njungu
Andrew Schumba

Grade 8 Student Profiles
Pestalozzi Chalo Trust
Terry Chishimba Emmanuel Banda
Harriet Mwanza Ethen Kantu
Susan Kamomo Francine Balasi
Gift Kasweka
Samuel Mutale

KF Alumni

The academic year in Zambia concluded in December with an enormous achievement for our program. All ten of our original group of KF scholars graduated from secondary school! KF is proud to report a 100% graduation rate and a 0% drop-out rate over the past five years. These ten students have been sponsored by KF since 2007 and supported for all five years of secondary school.

2007 Student Profiles
Leopards Hill School Ibex Hill School
Mercy Chisala Iwell Banda
Abram Chima Dennis Kayebeta
Gaella Mwadi Kabeya Phales Mtonga
Jeffrey Kanyama Penius Mumba
Japhet Phiri Sonia Zulu
2008 Student Profiles
Pestalozzi Chalo Trust
Edna Phiri Bwalya Kasanda
Mary Shisholeka Edna Lungu
Dalton Munkombwe Merilyn Vallabh
Lukonde Kachamulanud Elijah Kayawe
Mude Mweene Justin Mushitu