2008 KF Scholars Luncheon

On January 5th 2008, the Kucetekela Foundation (KF) hosted a luncheon to welcome and introduce the 2008 KF Scholarship Recipients and their respective guardians to the KF program. KF selected 10 new students (5 boys, 5 girls) to attend one of KF’s three partnership secondary schools. These students earned a KF scholarship through their hard work in the classroom and were selected after a rigorous application process. KF’s previous group of students will be moving on to the 9th grade, therefore making a total of 20 students in the KF program!

Mr. Joseph Simfukwe, KF’s Programs Officer, acted as master of ceremonies for the event and welcomed the students and parents to the reception. He then introduced Mrs. Florence Nkowane, an Executive Director of KF. Ms. Nkowane welcomed and presented the Chalo Trust School as KF’s third partnership school. She also shared the achievements of the previous scholarship recipients, and urged the new students to follow their example. She impressed upon the students the importance of the opportunity they had received and the generosity of the donors. A video of the KF organization, as well as presentations by the head masters of the partnership schools, helped to orient the new students and their guardians to the KF program.

The positive impact that the KF organization has on the community was evident the in speeches given by the head teacher at a local primary school and a mother of a new KF student. Mr. Hantumba, the head teacher of Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe School, presented two students to their new secondary schools. He spoke proudly of his former students’ academic achievements thus far and assured KF and their new schools that he expected nothing short of excellence from Edna Lungu and Lukonde Kachamulandu. A mother of a KF student, Mrs. Vallabh, gave a speech of thanks, in which she expressed her gratitude to KF for enabling children from vulnerable families to experience secondary education of high quality. Mrs. Vallabh encouraged the parents in the audience to fully appreciate the support given by KF and to work with KF to ensure continued support in the community.

Led by Ms. Nkowane, the parents and students signed student contracts to become officially enrolled in the program. The contracts are agreements between the students and KF, detailing what the responsibilities and expectations of each KF student are. Following the signing of contracts, all the students and school administrators sang songs of celebration and thanks. The parents and guardians then had an opportunity to talk with the administrators of KF’s partner schools as well as the KF staff members.

In closing, Mr. Simasiku Mukena, KF’s Financial Officer, commented on the challenges that KF had faced in becoming the organization it is today. He encouraged parents to support the efforts of KF in providing their children with academic and social guidance. Mr. Simfukwe also highlighted the importance of continued support so that these children may achieve their great academic potential. The emphasis throughout the ceremony was on the students, giving them hope for the future and the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Good luck to these new KF scholars!

Please click in the image below to view photos of this event.