Chalo Trust School

"Our mission is to create an environment of order, truth, care and concern where students of diverse economic, culturual and spiritual backgrounds live together and prepare for tertiary education by beginning the habit of life long learing, personal and spiritual development."

Academic Philosophy
The Chalo Trust School believes that education should inspire a love for learning and prepare individuals to make a positive contribution to the local environment and the world at large. The school further believes that education should be broad, balanced, integrated and comprise effective acquisition of academic and practical skills and knowledge and cultivate a healthy relationship both with man and God.

The Curriculum
Chalo Trust School offers a broad general secondary curriculum. In grade 8 and 9, where the aim is to introduce children to a wide range of subjects, each pupil is expected to take a total of 12/13 subjects of which 9 are core and compulsory, 2 are elective, and 2 compulsory and non-examinable. At this level, Chalo Trust School offers the Zambian syllabus. This is to enable those that might elect to leave Chalo after grade 9 to go back to the Government or other schools, where the requirement for anyone to sit the grade 12 examination is a grade 9 certificate.

From Grade 10 to Grade 12, pupils focus on the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum. This is a Cambridge-based program which allows students to go to any university in the world. A this level, pupils are required to take a minimum of 8 examinable and 2 non-examinable subjects:

A. Core: Compulsory and Examinable.
(1) English (2) Mathematics (3) Biology (Seniors only) (4) Chemistry (Seniors only) (5) Physics (Seniors only) (6) Agriculture Science (7) English Literature (Seniors only) (8) French (9) Geography (10) History (11) Development Studies (Seniors only) (12) Principles of Accounts (Seniors only) (13) Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing (14) Creative Arts (15) Religious Studies (16) Information Technology (17) Music (18) Civics (Juniors only) (19) Environmental Science (Juniors only) (20) Book-keeping (Juniors only) (21) Office Practice (Juniors only)

B. Compulsory but Non-Examinable.
(1) Physical Education (2) Morility and You

Morality and Leadership Trainging
All pupils are exposed to a compulsory course in moral issues and cultural aspects of the Zambian stiuation. In this course pupils discover about acceptable conduct in their daily life both in and outside school; they learn about respect for elders, respect for other people and responsibility roles in different settings including home, work, school, church and among peers.

There are three blocks, each with four ultra-modern classrooms. The blocks are connected by a concrete walk-way in order to make movement from one block to another during the rainy season easy. Each pupil is entitled to one lockable desk. In order to provide maximum contact and help from teachers, the class size is restricted to LESS than 30 pupils at all levels.

The school boasts of a very experienced and qualified crop of teachers from very renown schools around the country. These teachers are not just well qaulified and experienced but also self-motivated men and women.

Boarding Facilities
The school has state of the art hostel facilities with splash-back ceramic tiles in all sanitary accommodations, which is unrivaled in Zambia. The floor is decorated with a layer of clay and ceramic tiles, which give a sense of comfort, hygiene and homeliness. All the windows are steelframed and burglar proofed. It is indeed "Home away from home," as the saying goes.

Each hotel has a resident houseparent who provides pastoral care, guidance and basic medical care. The school does laundry for the pupils but only for school uniforms and linen. Pupils, in order to encourage them to take responsibility, are encouraged to do part of their own laundry.

Christian Ethose
As a Christian school, Chalo Trust School has a strong Christian culture and acknowledges God as the creator and recognizes the reality of sin and the need for redepmtion through The Lord Jesus Chirst as necessary to salvation. In light of this, Chalo Trust School teaches values, attitudes and skills that are God honoring. The school conducts an inter-denominational Chapel every Sunday at which its own teachers and invited preachers speak.

Co-Curricular Activities
Chalo Trust School provides a wide range of sporting as well as non-sporting activities such as soccer, netball, volleyball, badminton, basketball, Anti-AIDS club, Community Services club, Debate, Computer club, etc. The school is a member of the Independent Schools Association of Zambia (ISAZ) and hopes to expose its pupils to other schools through this Association.

There is 24-hour security provided by the school and linked to the Zambia Police Service. All the school's security officers are well trained.

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