"Working together is one thing, but sometimes poverty forces inordinate responsibility on the shoulders of children. "

The Pestalozzi Approach
While there is clearly an important role for emergency aid programmes, experience tells Pestalozzi that these frequently make little long-term difference in developing countries. PestalozziWorld tries to tackle key problems at source by sponsoring the secondary education of particularly talented, but underprivileged, children.

The Pestalozzi approach to education aims to develop children into well balanced and responsible adults by fostering their "Head, Heart and Hands" - that is, academic knowledge, moral and social awareness, and vocational skills. In keeping with this, schools chosen for the programme have a track record not only of academic excellence, but also of demonstrating social commitment, and providing practical and vocational skills training.

Critical to the Pestalozzi approach is that 'graduates' are encouraged and expected to set up foundations in their own countries to help educate new generations of disadvantaged children who find themselves in the same situation they once faced themselves. This is what we call the Circle of Success. When these foundations have been successfully established, the Trust can move on to help children in other countries.

It is difficult to escape the vicious circle of poverty, which reduces opportunity, causing worse poverty, resulting in even fewer opportunities. We offer an education to children with good potential in these communities so that they may transform that vicious circle into one of success.

Education, education, education - head, heart and hands!

PestalozziWorld sponsors the secondary education of bright but needy children in Asian and African schools either directly or through foundations. Johann Pestalozzi's philosophy of developing the whole person is applied by developing the head - academic ability, the heart - moral and social awareness, and the hands - vocational skills. The academic, social and vocational areas are given equal importance.

Where possible boarding accommodation is provided. This enables those in the remote areas to benefit from continuing their education. Importantly schools are selected which provide practical and vocational skills training. Where appropriate PestalozziWorld helps the schools (where scholars are educated) to set up and run Vocational Skills Training Centres. These also benefit the local community.

Girls, girls, boys!,

Scholars are selected in the ratio of 2 girls to every 1 boy in an attempt to redress the lack of educational opportunities for female children coupled with the custom of educating boys rather than girls. With the same aim in mind, we build accommodation with special emphasis on girls' hostels at the schools attended by PestalozziWorld scholars.

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