A Day with Kucetekela Foundation

It was a Saturday morning when I was told to wear my tracksuit and wait for KF to come and pick me up at Northmead Basic School. I was walking on the other side of the road with Bwalya when I saw that the bus for KF had arrived. We ran as fast as we could and caught up with the bus and jumped in. We then proceeded to Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe School to pick up Lukonde and other students. We then went somewhere I canít remember the name of the place and picked Mercy and other students.

Then we went to Woodlands to pick Alex and Florence and then we proceeded to Fountain of Hope Orphanage. Here we met some street children. This place was a home for street children and this is where some street children come to if they want to eat some food. We were shown the classrooms for grades six and seven. After this we went to see their dormitories; one dorm houses twenty-one children and another houses nineteen children. The children sleep on bunker beds and we found some bunkers occupied and some were empty awaiting children to come from the street. These children who come from the street find food prepared for them and a comfortable bed to sleep on. The room which houses twenty-one children has a television set and every Saturday they watch a movie as entertainment. After this we went to the kitchen where we found two ladies cooking food and we were told what kind of diet the children are fed on a daily basis. The food they were preparing for the street children that day for lunch was nshima with soya pieces. For supper they were to have something different.

We then went to the clinic and it was explained to us that they treat the street children for minor illnesses and if the illness is serious they take the children to Kamwala clinic for treatment. He also told us that they offer antenatal service for mothers and they are made to pay K1, 000 which money is used to buy medicine for the clinic.

From the clinic we preceded to the library here we were taught strict library rules and we even broke one of them. We were explained the rules and we were told what to do when you have homework and need to find a book in the library to help you with your homework. We were told about the different sections in the library and how to locate the book we want. There are sections for mathematics, science, English and even storybooks. We then played some games and learnt some funny ways to clap. The rules of the game were explained and Penius was told to go and look for a book that contains information about dinosaurs. I was told to look for book titled Cinderella. I could not find it because it was so thin that I couldnít read the title and I was only given twenty seconds to do this. Again he asked me to look for a book of stories but instead I ended up finding the Cinderella book. After finding the book I put it in a basket so that it could be put back in its correct place later by the librarian.

We then went to the art room, where we were shown some painting that the street children had painted. I loved all the paintings that I saw and I realised that not only people who go to rich schools are intelligent but even vulnerable children are intelligent too. I painted a fruit basket. Firstly, I drew symmetrical lines, and then I went into the darkening of the drawing. I was taught primary colours and non-primary colours. The primary colours are blue, red, and yellow. These colours can be used to make other colours. Since we took a long time in the library we did not have enough time to finish our paintings. It was time for the basketball game and I really thought that we were going to beat the street children, but to my amazement they beat us terribly.

After the basketball game it was time to say our byes and when we left Fountain of Hope I felt like I left my spirit there because I thought that painting was hard and I was able to paint and that playing basketball was hard but I managed to play.

We went to have our lunch at Arabian Nights Restaurant at Arcades Shopping Mall. It was nice there as we got to order our own food and drinks. I ordered a large fish in curry with chips and salads. By the time we were eating we were late for the movie but at least we enjoyed ourselves.

We finished eating and then went for the movie. Firstly, we got popcorn and then went in to watch the movie, which was just starting. It was entitled Madagascar Escape to Africa. When the movie ended we got into the bus the KF staff talked to us and thereafter we were dropped home, as it was late. And this is how I spent my day with KF.

Merilyn Vallabh