KF Student Workshop

On January 4th, 2008, Kucetekela Foundation (KF) hosted a workshop for all 9th grade students in the KF program (6 boys, 4 girls). All ten students attended the event and brought their parents or guardians. All three members of the KF staff in Zambia also attended as well as three guest speakers: Dr. Lawrence Mukuka, Mr. Benny Mwaanga, and Mr. Tamweka Sichinga.

The workshop was designed with two purposes. First, the workshop was a social gathering for the students and their parents or guardians before the 2008 academic year started. The event included lunch and time to mingle with other students, parents, guardians, as well as the KF staff. The second purpose of this workshop was to discuss and address some of the individual and group challenges of the KF students at their respective secondary schools. The speakers and the workshop discussions focused on three specific challenges:

(i) Creating and maintaining effective mentor relationships
(ii) Unlocking one's academic potential
(iii) Managing one's time

To start the workshop, Gaella Kabeya, a KF student at Leopards Hill School, spoke about some of the challenges which KF students faced in the previous academic year. Gaella spoke particularly about the three specific issues to be addressed by the subsequent speakers. As a representative of all the KF students in 9th grade, Gaella expressed an interest in improving her academic standing and fostering an improved relationship with her mentor.

Following Gaella's remarks, Dr. Lawrence Mukuka spoke about unlocking one's potential and managing one's time. Dr. Mukuka, a physician practicing in Lusaka, strongly encouraged the KF students to set goals for themselves. He expressed his strong belief that the ability to meet one's potential is directly related to the goals that each individual sets for himself or herself. Without these specific goals, a student cannot measure his or her perceived success. Dr. Mukuka then guided students through the steps of setting such goals, placing great emphasis on setting achievable but ambitious goals.

To address the challenges concerning the mentor-student relationship, KF invited Mr. Benny Mwaanga, a KF mentor, to speak. Mr. Mwaanga delivered a clear speech, specifically emphasizing “do's” and “don'ts” of a student-mentor relationship. He discussed five specific ways to improve a student-mentor relationship, which he described as the “do's”:

(i) Establishing open and honest communication
(ii) Implementing and/or acting on the advice of the mentor
(iii) Staying flexible when setting meeting times with the mentor
(iv) Keeping all scheduled appointments with the mentor
(v) Willingness, desire, and commitment to learn and grow

In the next workshop for the 9th grade students, Mr. Mwaanga will discuss some of the ways which student-mentor relationships can be negatively affect (the “don'ts”), and how to avoid those mistakes.

The workshop closed with short speeches by Mercy Chisala, a KF student at Leopards Hill Secondary School, and Mr. Tamweka Sichinga, a friend of the KF program. Both speakers expressed deep gratitude and appreciation of the KF program, and reiterated the importance of many of the messages learned today in the workshop. Mercy and Mr. Sichinga thanked the speakers for coming and wished the KF students success in the coming academic year.

Please click on the image below to view photos of this event.