Kucetekela Foundation:
Developing leaders and building hope in Zambia.

Who We Are

Founded in 2006, Kucetekela Foundation (KF) is a non-profit organization that provides academically promising but financially disadvantaged Zambian boys and girls with comprehensive scholarships that fund an excellent education at a private secondary school.

KF scholarships cover more than tuition. KF’s philosophy is that a holistic approach is needed to maximize chances of success. In addition to an excellent education, we provide our students with one-on-one mentoring, community service, internships, counseling and support to attend university.

Our Mission

Kucetekela Foundation identifies and offers continuing support to promising young disadvantaged Zambian men and women to develop educated, effective, and altruistic leadership for Zambia’s future.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela

The Need

Almost all children in Zambia attend primary school, but less than half attend secondary school, and of these less than a quarter complete it. Unlike primary school, students must pay to attend secondary school. Zambia is a country of devastatingly widespread poverty.

50% of the Zambian population is under 16 years of age. Therefore, if this glimmer of hope is not cultivated, the future of Zambia will be bleak.

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Our program boasts a 98% graduation rate for KF scholars, in a nation where less than 10% graduate from secondary school.


Featured Students

Bupe Musonda

Grade 9, Pestalozzi Education Centre

In 2019, Bupe was selected as a KF Student Leader. She stands out in her clear and bold communication, excellent academic record, and vibrant energy. In this role, she is to help serve as a liaison between the KF students at Pestalozzi and the KF staff.

Bupe was also active in community service during her Grade 8 term holidays. She connected with Denzel Chinda, KF Grade 8 at Chalo Trust School to return to her former school, Lotus Primary School. She and Denzel worked with Grade 7 students on difficult topics as they prepared for exams. She was reminded how important it is to find a way to give back to the places we come from and plans to continue serving at Lotus.

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Anthony Kunda

Grade 10, Pestalozzi Education Centre

Anthony was studious and disciplined this past year and it really paid off. In Term I, Anthony earned 530 out of 600 points. He saw his highest scores in Art and Computer Studies, which proved consistent in Term II where he scored 513 out of 600. On his national exams, Anthony scored second place at Pestalozzi with 517 out of 600 points.

During his term holiday, Anthony did community service at Fountain of Hope, a library in his community. While there, he helped clean the library and sorted books. He also played with and taught reading to the children who came to the library. One of his favorite books is “How to Have an Argument and Win Every Time” by Gerry Spence.

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Rosemary Mbao

Grade 11, Pestalozzi Education Centre

This past year, Rosemary was accepted to the Yale Young African Scholars (YYAS) program, an intensive academic and enrichment program designed for African secondary school students. Rosemary learned from and collaborated with young leaders from across the continent. She credits YYAS to her improved communication skills.

Rosemary has become increasingly focused on a number of community service initiatives, including working at an orphanage, Hope International Centre. She also has become very interested in women’s empowerment after attending YYAS and devised an idea to start coordinating young women to organize a waste management project in her community.

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Nchimunya Mukuwa

Grade 12, Chalo Trust School

In August 2019, Nchimunya was one of three KF students selected to attend the Stanford Pre-Collegiate International Summer Institute. While there, he connected with secondary school students from all over the world.  Since then, Nchimunya has developed a new interest in coding and neuroscience. He has been working with his peers to learn Java coding and is looking into career options in neuroscience.

This past Term holiday, Nchimunya, along with fellow KF colleagues Peter Sichona, Teresa Phiri, and Timothy Chibinda began a group called Children’s World Movement, a community service group. Throughout their holiday, they visited orphanages and taught the children about the principles and importance of education.

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Please join us and help create a future for Zambian boys and girls.

“My life as a child who grew up with my aunt as my mother could not afford my school expenses as well as those of my two siblings was more like a very dark room, I could not see any further than where I was at that time. I knew I had a certain fire within me but it was impossible to see myself in any university due to high costs of tertiary education.

So when Kucetekela Foundation came into our lives as a family, the dark room within me just lightened up and became a reality… 10 years later, I am in my third year of study at EARTH University in Costa Rica. KF is indeed hope for the hopeless and a light for those whose dreams may be faint. After graduating in December 2019, I hope to do a Master’s Programme in Plant Pathology or Soil Science as these fields are cardinal for the future of  Agriculture as I intend to transmit this knowledge back to Zambia.”

—  Joseph Chonza, KF Class of 2013

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