KF Team

Patricia R. Barry

Pat Barry earned a BA from Newton College of the Sacred Heart (Newton, MA) and now works as an artist, art teacher, and special education volunteer. She is currently a board member of the LSA Family Health Service in East Harlem, a community-based organization that works with the people of East Harlem and addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of family health. Pat is also a board member of the Friends of P.S. 169 (a special educational public school in New York), which provides tutoring support and funding for a summer camp for at-risk students.

Pat spent time with her son, Oliver, in Zambia during September 2006. She observed his work in Lusaka, and met the students and teachers involved with Kucetekela Foundation. Pat visited Zambia during the 2006 application process and participated in interviewing the KF applicants and families. She was inspired by the children’s motivation and dreams and proudly supports the work of Kucetekela Foundation.

Pat serves as the Treasurer of Kucetekela Foundation.